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Creative Ideas for Your Used Dry Cleaning Bags

If you are one of those thrifty shoppers that reuses their plastic bags from the grocery store, you won’t want to miss this. We’ve put together a list from our many years of dry cleaning experience to explain some of the most creative and useful ideas for reusing your old dry cleaning bags. You might be surprised just how useful your used bags can be around the home and garden!

  • Use plastic bags to keep your dirty gym clothes from soiling your bag
  • Cover your cold-sensitive plants in winter
  • Use as a polish spreading mitt for furniture wax, or silver cleaner, before buffing with a soft, dry cloth
  • Use as a lunch bag to carry to your car or office
  • Seal your paint cans by slipping the plastic bag over the lid to stop dirt or dried paint from dropping into the paint
  • Tie the plastic bags around your knees like kneepads to protect your pants while you’re gardening
  • Insulate your windows by scrunching a plastic bag together to fit into the space where the window closes
  • To create a comfortable bed for your dog or cat stuff an old pillowcase tightly with used plastic bags and sew the open end closed
  • To make shoe protectors that prevent dirt and mud from being tracked into your home simply tie the used laundry bags over your shoes
  • Of course, you can always use plastic bags to pick up after your little Walter